Do Not Ignore a TV Piracy Lawsuit

Posted on July 12, 2015 by Matthew Paré

The thought often crosses people’s minds as to whether or not to simply ignore a TV signal piracy lawsuit.  Ignoring a lawsuit is a very bad idea.  Some people may think that they cannot afford an attorney to defend them in the lawsuit, but the reality is that the attorney’s fees charged by the Law Office of Matthew Pare, APC, for example, are quite manageable.  Some people may be unclear or confused as to what the appropriate response to the lawsuit is, especially given that the summons does not specify a court date, but that is exactly why it is necessary to hire knowledgeable counsel.  Some people may believe that the plaintiff will not be able to prove its case, but that is a misguided hope because in virtually every TV signal piracy case the plaintiff has sufficient evidence.  

Yet another underlying rationale for possibly ignoring a lawsuit is the notion of what is the worst that can happen?  The answer is that if you ignore a TV signal piracy lawsuit eventually the court will enter a default judgment against you, potentially awarding a very large amount of money to the plaintiff.  In fact, procedurally, by virtue of a defendant not responding to a lawsuit the court is to presume as true the allegations of the complaint.  Then, once a judgment is in place the plaintiff is entitled to collect the judgment using any number of tools, including but not limited to taking money out of bank accounts, putting liens on property, seizing property, or garnishing wages.  Having a judgment against you will also be damaging to your credit score.  Particularly if the judgment is for a large amount it can prove to be a major financial problem.

In the plaintiff’s complaint in a typical TV signal piracy case they are demanding approximately $170,000.00.  By ignoring such a lawsuit you are in essence telling the court that you do not contest anything regarding the plaintiff’s allegations regarding intentionally stealing the TV program for profit, etc. and allowing for the entry of a sizeable judgment against you. While it is true that there is a great variety in the amount of default judgments that are entered, the possibility is there for the plaintiff to obtain a six-figure judgment against you if you ignore the lawsuit.  

In conclusion, do not ignore a TV signal piracy lawsuit that has been filed against you.  Instead, consult with the Law Office of Matthew Pare, APC.  Attorney Matthew Pare will be able to represent you and take the appropriate steps to respond to the lawsuit and obtain the best possible result.  He can be reached at 619-869-4999.

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