Why Matthew Paré?

Matthew Paré is a diligent and passionate attorney who is committed to his clients’ cases.  His litigation approach is thorough and thoughtful, and he exudes the utmost professionalism in his demeanor and tactics.  He is empathetic towards his clients and truly cares about their situation. His determination and tenacity have proven to get clients the best possible results.  His clients describe him as extremely professional, honest, ethical, hard-working, and compassionate.  Attorney Matthew Paré is also know for consistent and clear communication with his clients, personally keeping clients well-informed during the process.

Matthew Paré has well over a decade of experience representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, helping accident victims obtain compensation.  He will handle every aspect of the case to ensure a great result.  His track record of large settlements is a testament to his skill and effectiveness.

In commercial TV signal piracy matters, Matthew Paré was the original attorney specializing in defending lawsuits in this particular area of the law.  As such, he has developed a depth of understanding and experience regarding litigating piracy matters.  He has even helped shape this area of the law with hundreds of cases in jurisdictions throughout the country.

Attorney Matthew Paré communicates with his clients throughout the litigation process and is easily accessible to answer any questions.  A major advantage of attorney Matthew Paré is the personal attention that he devotes to each and every client.  If Matthew Paré is representing you in your legal matter, he will handle every aspect of the case and be entirely devoted to the success of the matter to achieve an excellent result.  Contact the Law Office of Matthew Paré for a free consultation today.

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Matthew Paré is a civil litigation law firm.The two primary practice areas are:

(1) Personal Injury Cases

Representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases.

(2) Television Signal Piracy Cases

Defending television signal piracy cases on behalf of restaurant and bar owners that have been sued

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