The National Expert is Better Than a Local Attorney

Posted on June 29, 2015 by Matthew Paré

In the olden days many people typically knew a local attorney who they might go to for a wide variety of legal issues, someone they considered to be their attorney in general. That local attorney might find himself helping with a family law issue one day, and a criminal law issue the next, for example, demonstrating a breadth of knowledge regarding the law but not truly an expert on any particular topic.  The times have changed.

With modernization has come greater and greater specialization.  This is true in nearly every field, including medicine, for example, where the narrow focus of some specializations can be amazing.  In the legal profession the same thing is true.  Attorneys are more focused in their legal practices now than ever before.  This is actually in the best interest of the clients because as long as the client retains the right attorney they are much more likely to be receiving sound counsel regarding their particular legal issue. In short, it is much more valuable to get good advice and representation from the national expert on a particular legal situation than the local attorney down the street who has relatively little or no experience in defending a TV signal piracy case, for example.  

Attorney Matthew Pare defends TV signal piracy cases throughout the entire country.  His office is located in California and he resides in Chula Vista, CA, but has represented defendants in TV signal piracy cases from coast to coast.  Having defended hundreds of similar TV piracy cases, he is very well suited to defend you in a TV signal piracy case, regardless of the particular venue or the state in which you live.

One common question that comes up when considering hiring an out-of-state counsel is the possibility of the attorney needing to come to the local court and incurring a large amount of travel expense.  The reality is that the practical steps involved in litigating a federal lawsuit often involve very little or no physical appearances in the court.  There is a common misconception that the attorneys constantly have to traipse down to the courthouse and be physically in front of the judge for one reason or another.  First, now-a-days the court filings are done electronically so pleadings and motions, for example, are filed directly on the court’s website without ever leaving the office.  Second, motions are typically decided by the judge on the papers without any oral argument at all.  Third, if there is some type of hearing or scheduling conference with the court those are typically conducted over the phone.  Fourth, in the rare event that there is a need for an in-person appearance such as at a mediation or settlement conference, for example, the plaintiff does not want to incur the expense and hassle of going through with that either so it can be a good opportunity to settle the case for something reasonable before anyone has to be at the court physically.  

Another common question that comes up when considering hiring an out-of-state counsel is whether the attorney can practice law in different states or needs to be admitted to the bar in a different state.  Fortunately, TV signal piracy cases are primarily litigated in the federal court system because they involve questions of federal statutes, and that makes it easier for attorneys to practice in different jurisdictions.  Attorney Matthew Pare is already admitted to practice law before many U.S. District Courts throughout the country and is constantly being admitted to more such courts as necessary.  There are some U.S. District Courts that require in their local rules that an out-of-state counsel associate with a local counsel and when that requirement is in effect Mr. Pare typically obtains the assistance of a willing local counsel at a very nominal rate to essentially be listed on the case in the limited capacity while all of the strategy and substantive work continues to be done by Matthew Pare himself.  

There are some TV piracy cases that are filed in state courts, but it is also possible to have the case removed to the nearest federal court as long as it is done early in the process. Therefore, even if you are served with a lawsuit that is in state court, attorney Matthew Pare will likely be able to have the case removed to the federal court system and continue to litigate the matter in that venue.

For all of these above-described reasons, you are best served in a TV signal piracy lawsuit by hiring the very best counsel, regardless of the location.  Attorney Matthew Pare is that counsel.  He represents defendants in TV signal piracy cases throughout the country and will be happy to represent you as well.  He can be reached at 619-869-4999.  

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