TV Signal Piracy Cases in Texas

Posted on August 23, 2015 by Matthew Paré


Texas is one of the states with the most TV signal piracy cases.  J & J Sports Productions, Inc., for example, has filed hundreds of lawsuits in federal courts throughout Texas.  The other common plaintiff, Joe Hand Promotions, Inc., is also a frequent litigator in Texas, as well as G & G Closed Circuit Events, LLC.  The great majority of these lawsuits are filed by The Korn Diaz Firm and its attorneys David M. Diaz and Andrew R. Korn, working in conjunction with the Law Office of Thomas P. Riley.  The attorneys David Diaz and Andrew Korn are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable litigators in the field of TV signal piracy anywhere in the county.  Fortunately, attorney Matthew Pare has been admitted to practice in federal courts throughout Texas and has had great success in defending TV signal piracy cases there.

Because the primary federal TV signal piracy statues do not identify a statute of limitations period the courts are required to look to similar federal and state laws to essentially borrow a statute of limitations period.  In so doing, the federal courts in Texas have used a three-year statute of limitations period for TV signal piracy cases based upon similarities to the copyright act.  Often the plaintiffs in these matters do not file the lawsuit until just before that three-year statute of limitations period will expire.  In other words, the lawsuits in Texas regarding TV piracy are often concerning something that was shown on TV three years ago.  Given that length of time there can be challenges in identifying possible witnesses who were there at the business at the time and can recall the event.  Knowing this in advance can be helpful to be sure to retain that possible information when there is first notice of a possible claim.

Attorney Matthew Pare has had success with several defenses in TV signal piracy cases in Texas.  For example, see the blog article on this website entitled The Details of the Commercial License Agreement Can be a Defense.  Because some of the sporting events on pay-per-view television take place in Texas, that gives rise to certain defenses regarding exhibition rights and interstate communications (or lack thereof).  Additionally, see the other blog article entitled TV Signals from Mexico.  For those communities close to the border with Mexico that receive Mexican TV signals there can be a defense in that situation.  

Overall, it must be recognized that David Diaz and Andrew Korn are very skilled attorneys in the field of TV signal piracy.  Therefore, when you are confronted with a lawsuit from The Korn Diaz Firm you will want the very best TV signal piracy defense attorney in your corner.  Attorney Matthew Pare of the Law Office of Matthew Pare, APC is the only one who has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to successfully defend you.  He has defended many, many clients in nearly every part of Texas and welcomes the opportunity to defend any TV signal piracy case there.  He can be reached at 619-869-4999.

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